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Why Rent?

Uniformed employees in front of ford mustang

You wouldn’t let outdated technology slow sales or peeling paint give your storefront a shabby look. The same should hold true with your employee uniforms. They make an obvious statement about your business and should be an important part of everyone’s workday.

Many businesses are unsure if they should rent or own their employee uniforms. While most understand the benefits of uniforms, the chore of owning the garments can present many challenges. While it’s exciting to own new apparel, regular maintenance and upkeep can simply become too much as the items deteriorate from the first day forward.

On the other hand, renting uniforms is like being given new garments week after week. With Servall’s uniform rental workwear program, your uniforms are always clean and well-maintained. Uniforms will continuously retain their professional appearance with the absence of dirty apparel, missing buttons, broken zippers, or garments that are just plain old. Whenever an item becomes worn out we replace it. Additionally, whenever you need a uniform’s size or style updated, we’ll be happy to replace it.

Interested in direct purchasing uniforms and products instead? We do that too!

Customers Prefer Uniforms

There’s no denying the facts! A research study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates suggests that customers and business professionals prefer to see uniformed employees at the companies they work with. There are several reasons for this finding:


A laundered, pressed and well-maintained work uniform makes employees look sharp, and that reflects positively on the entire workplace.


People tend to perceive uniform wearers as professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Additionally, employees who wear uniforms report that they feel an enhanced sense of overall morale. When we look good, we feel good, which results in better work and a happier environment.


Distinguish your employees from persons who do not belong. A uniform program helps identify non-employee visitors at your facility, and assists in keeping your place of business more secure.


You want your employees to be safe, and we provide the right garments, beginning with properly fitting uniforms and extending to protective garments, high-visibility clothing, and even flame-retardant materials.