RFID Technology


RFIDAntRFID, an accranium for Radio Frequency IDentification, does a great deal for the staff of Servall. When someone attaches an RFID chip to their pet, package, or a mat or garment as Servall does, there is a 16 digit number assigned to the item. The 16 digit code represents the manufacture, technology type, and a 12 digit unique number. Thus, you now have a barcode attached to the product. When the RFID chip comes into contact with a specialized antenna, it sends its 16 digit code over a radio frequency. A reader then interrupts the signal and sends it to a computer. The computer sends the code to a software application, and the application performs a variety of functions.

Servall researched and began putting RFID technology into our garments in 2004. This greatly increased productivity when sorting and scanning garments. In 2006, we began putting them into our mats and saw a similar increase in efficiency. In 2008, the technology progressed and was able to scan multiple chips together. In 2011, Servall implemented this enhancement through new technological equipment. This investment provided an increase in productivity and removed human error in scanning the garments into our production facility. RFID technologies allow us to track individual scans on any garment or mat. It helps us manage our inventory and as such our clients’ inventory for the best accuracy and support available today.

The RFID device is approximately the size of a quarter. It is attached to the back of our mats and the inside of our garments. Interested in more information? Please call and schedule a tour with Mason Thorson.


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