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Product Reuse

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Our business is green at its base. By recycling and reusing goods like linens and uniforms, we can drastically cut down on dangerous waste and the consumption of valuable resources. Each year, approximately 19,000 tons of towels, sheets, and pillowcases end up in landfills. With such staggering statistics, it is our job to slow the rate of waste and strive to protect our environment.

At Servall, we not only recycle the resources we use, we also practice product reuse. As opposed to recycling, product reuse is the recovery of materials and products for the same or similar end use. By practicing both at Servall, we can work to further our green initiatives and protect Earth’s resources. The vast majority of products we rent or directly sell are reusable textiles, which greatly reduces the amount of disposable items that consume landfills, as well as reduces the volume of materials that are manufactured and shipped.